CELLULITE CRUSHER are the new generation of sports leggings with 1200 - 1600 eco-friendly wooden beads that massage your thighs, improve circulation and therefore eliminate cellulite.




Wearing CC leggings is like having a massage that breaks down cellulite whenever you want, that you've only paid for once.


 You will feel pressure on your thighs the second you put them on.


However, during any form of physical activity the pressure increases because your muscles contract and push against the beads.


 You will also be able to feel the pressure increase as you sit down because your weight and the power of gravity will simulate that.




You can wear CC leggings while cycling, hiking, running, jogging, doing yoga or pilates, or just around the house while you do chores or run errands. The best surface to do stretching or similar exercises is a yoga mat.


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